This is a series of pictures of basically the same pose from December of 2002 until current. These are thumbnails and if you want a larger view of a picture just click it. I began taking the pictures as part of my journaling the transformation. The pictures of me are not touched up (although there was a towel rack in some of the pictures I removed). These pictures are valuable to me now because people can't remember how fat I was. (I was way fat!)

Dec 02    340#          Jan 03    315#       Feb 03   292#      Mar 03  270#   

Apr 03    250#     May 03    234#        Jun 03   217#         Jul 03  206#         

Aug 03 197#

Current         180#

Other pictures of way fat days

With my son in Canada       With my wife in Chicago

Seen my feet?                   What a physique!

I'm on the ball now!