I want to start by saying there was nothing "Magic" about the food I ate while I was losing my fat. The magic was that I liked the food I ate and chose very high quality fuel foods. I began my journey drinking slim fast frequently, I began to read the nutritional information and comparing it to other food choices and found other choices that I enjoyed more that were more satisfying to me. This is the key, I found high quality foods I liked that gave me the fuel I needed. Your choices will be different than mine because we were all made with different likes and dislikes, God also made lots of different good foods available for us to choose from.

I mentioned on the Keys to Success page the importance of counting calories and eating several small meals each day. A method which I found very effective was to divide my calorie goal by 6 (example: 2400 calories/day divided by 6 meals equals 400 calories per meal) and eat at that pace through the day. this will help to avoid getting too hungry or too full (which will cause you to get extra hungry soon). I will eat my meals at around 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm.  I generally eat the majority of my carbohydrates in the earlier meals moving to a higher percentage of protein later in the day but I include some protein at each meal.

I plan on expanding this section of my site significantly and I am covering more material in my book but I thought I would give some examples of foods that I have enjoyed and have taken me where I wanted to go. Remember, you will not like some of these foods but that is OK, you will like foods I don't like. One thing to keep in mind is that your tastes change, especially when you keep yourself moderately hungry. Some of the foods I enjoy regularly I would not have touched when my only concern was entertaining my mouth.

Excellent foods I used to provide:

Carbohydrates                                    Protein                                    Fat
Fresh fruit                                      Chicken Breasts                      Salmon
Fresh and frozen vegetables       Fat Free cottage cheese      (sorry short list)
Baked potato & Yams                  Boca Burgers
Brown Rice                                    Egg Beaters (egg substitute 99% egg whites)
Oatmeal                                         Deli meat from Turkey
Bran Flakes cereal                        Frozen Shrimp
Frozen berries                               Skim Milk

I did quite a bit of experimenting and made recipes of soups, chili and mixes of cottage cheese with fruit. I made dozens of different recipes of omelets, and have several different ways I will flavor up oatmeal and rice. Many of them I was informed a dog wouldn't eat, but they tasted fine to me and I feel I sort of removed my blinders to many enjoyable foods and tastes that I had been missing all my life.

I generally ate at home, prepared my food and did my own grocery shopping. This kept my eating simple and under my control, when I needed to eat out my first choice was Subway, If I needed to go somewhere else I generally made myself a pain getting nutritional information and specifying how things were cooked.

I have done significant reading since beginning of My Journey about Nutrition from several authors. All of the authors I read had things that I agreed with and some things that were not right for me. Probably the best source of information on Nutrition and changing your body is the book on the left by Tom Venuto. Tom is a excellent straight forward author who I would agree with.