My motivation

I would like to begin to describe how I made my physical transformation by first discussing why I made the change. There are many good reasons for someone who is morbidly obese to lose body fat, appearance and social acceptance are good reasons. Physical ability and energy are also good reasons. My primary motivation was more basic. I realized that at age 43 if I continued to eat the way I had been and sit around watching TV, the chances of severe medical problems and a greatly reduced quality of life were very high. I began to feel that I would not live much longer and would not live to see my grandchildren.

Another employee at my work had commented that the man who had been promoted to president of our company was too old and should retire. This guy is pretty old but extremely active and fit, I spoke up and told my friend that I thought he was wrong and that I hoped when I was this guys age I would be in half as good a shape and have as much energy as he does, I then thought to myself "who am I kidding, I will never reach his age". A few months after this conversation I was reviewing my medical history with an elderly doctor, I told him about my blood pressure, sleep apnea, skin cancer, back aches etc, he commented that I had quite a bit of medical history and issues for a young man, it shocked me that he considered me a young man because I felt so old. I realized that I was still fairly young and wasn't ready to give up on life just yet.

So what's it worth
One of the mental exercises I went through early in my Journey (and recorded in my journal) was thinking through the question - What is reaching my goal worth to me? And like most red-blooded Americans I began to think in terms of dollars. I posed myself this question - If I could have one of these two things which would I take:

1) Being lean and in an excellent state of health for the rest of my life


2) Being given  ______ dollars.

Then my question was simple, fill in the blank. How many dollars would it take to cause me to choose option 2 over option 1?

I thought about this for a long time and seriously considered the question, This may sound high or low to you but weighing 340 pounds, not caring much about life and feeling my future was hardly worth going through the motions, my serious answer to this question was $100,000. I look back now and think it was probably too low a figure. If I had been given $100,000 I might have got a couple new vehicles and paid down the mortgage on my house but I would have still been miserable.

So then I got to thinking if lifelong fitness is really, really worth that much to me what would I do to earn it. Then I figured that just looking at weight loss, it would be worth about $625 a pound to me to get this fat off. That is when I got to work.