Making the journey from FAT to FITNESS!!

Welcome to waswayfat.com! I am glad you stopped by to check on what I am doing to improve my fitness. Please look around my site and check out the pictures and some of my thoughts on what I have done so far. The purpose of this site is not for me to tout my accomplishments but to show that with God's help you can make changes in your life. Many people tell themselves continually they can't do this or that. The difference between I can and I can't is in your mind, if you believe you can't do something, you won't! If you believe you can do something and develop an achievable plan with patience and determination you will get where you want to go.

 Dec. 2002, 340 lbs
Dec. 2002, 340 lbs
Nov. 2003, 185 lbs
Nov. 2003, 185 lbs

Over the last year I have transformed from a 340-pound morbidly obese couch potato in bad health, into a fitness addict racing up the steps of skyscrapers. I completed the run up the Sears tower on November 16, 2003 in 21min 35 seconds finishing in the top 16 percent of the field. Since the Sears tower I have completed runs in Indianapolis at the AUL building and again in Chicago at the Aon Center (3rd tallest building in the US) where I finished in the top 8% of the field. Details of my races are on the stair climbing page.

Note: All the pictures on this site are thumbnails, if you want to see a larger image just click on them.

Many people ask me what I have been eating (what is the secret food) or what I have been doing for exercise that brought on the change in my body. Nutrition and exercise are both very important, and are the physical tools that you use to drive change in your body. What makes the difference between doing it and not doing it, is changing your mindset. When you adopt a fitness mindset  the physical changes are just a matter of time.

There is no magic secret to what I did, no patches or ancient oriental supplement that melted the pounds of fat away while I slept. What worked for me was planning, patience and determination. What I did has not been hard, but it has not been easy either. I have changed my lifestyle and habits, while they may have seemed like a sacrifice when I started they have become what I enjoy now. I am confident that the changes I have made so far are just the beginning.

I would appreciate it if you would send me an email for two reasons:

I would like to send you occasional updates of what is going on in my world. I will respect your response, and not send you loads of junk mail or give your email address to others.

I believe the only thing that would be nearly as satisfying as improving my own fitness level is to help others that struggle with obesity achieve fitness as well. I am working on a book and considering conducting classes in the Indianapolis area to review my approach to achieving fitness. I am interested in what you think, how you think I can help others, or if you want to offer congratulations, encouragement, or tell me I'm a nut.

My mission in setting up this site and writing my book is in hopes that sharing my journey and what I discovered along the way will help others. I have been disappointed with myself all my life because of my physical condition. I was resigned that that was the way that I was and couldn't change. Well that was the way that I was, I am not that way now, and I have no plan to go back to the way I was. I waswayfat but praise God I'm not any more! People comment on my dramatic almost incredible change in appearance, and I tell them that if I look a little different, I feel completely different. I feel like I have been unchained from a terrible burden and set free. My efforts here and with my book are not to make money or bring attention to myself, I will ask one thing of you. If I help you make a positive change in your life please let me know, that would be my reward.

Bugs logo

So what's with the bugs? As I was putting this site together I began considering a Logo to represent what I have done and what this page is about. The Logo is about making a change from rather unattractive squirmy thing that is focused on eating to the beautiful creature God had planned for it to become. The destination is the butterfly, the wonder and the work is what happens in the chrysalis.